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Batman Returns, Craig Shaw Gardner. Editura Famosa - Maşinuţe, elicoptere
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Batman Returns
Craig Shaw Gardner

Batman Returns

Titlu: Batman Returns

Domeniu: Maşinuţe, elicoptere

Producător: Famosa

Model: Craig Shaw Gardner

Categorie de vârstă: Nouă
Categorie de gen: 233
Anul apariţiei: 1992

Batman faces two adversaries... one villainous... the other mysterious...

Batman versus the criminal element. In Gotham City, good and evil never sleep. Today, a new danger is born - in the guise of a villainous figure with an umbrellaful of savage tricks. He's The Penguin. He's out to dominate the city. And he has a confederate. She's sinous. She's mysterious. And she's got nine ways of evading death. She's Catwoman. This time, Batman faces the showdown of his life at high midnight.

Batman has vowed to rid Gotham City of the dastardly Penguin and his slinky confederate, Catwoman - but while the Caped Crusader is repulsed by his umbrella-wielding nemesis, he is also tantalized by the darkly seductive Catwoman. Movie tie-in.

  • Novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner
  • Story by Daniel Waters and Sam Hamm
  • Screenplay by Daniel Waters

(Acest produs a fost adăugat în catalogul nostru la data de 12 noiembrie, 2009.)
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