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Han Solo and the Lost Legacy, Brian Daley. Editura Falk - Maşinuţe, elicoptere
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Han Solo and the Lost Legacy
Brian Daley

Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Titlu: Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Domeniu: Maşinuţe, elicoptere

Producător: Falk

Model: Brian Daley

Categorie de vârstă: Excelentă
Categorie de gen: 184
Anul apariţiei: 1983

Star Wars' Han Solo and the Lost Legacy follows the adventures of Luke Skywalker, based on the characters and situations created by George Lucas.

Han Solo and Chewbacca - the slickest, slipperiest pair of interstellar renegades ever, set forth in search of the Lost Legacy...

When Han and Chewie met up with Badure, their one-time partner in crime, they knew they were in for some heavy galactic action. For Badure had discovered the key to the whereabouts of the legendary treasure of Xim the Despot - and the chance for a killing beyond their wildest dreams. So it was that the starship Millenium Falcon set out for the lonely planet of Dellalt, land of the legendary treasure vaults, where a violent and deadly reception was already under way...

(Acest produs a fost adăugat în catalogul nostru la data de 12 noiembrie, 2009.)
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