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The Devil Rides Out, Dennis Wheatley. Editura Ars Una - Maşinuţe, elicoptere
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The Devil Rides Out
Dennis Wheatley

The Devil Rides Out

Titlu: The Devil Rides Out

Domeniu: Maşinuţe, elicoptere

Producător: Ars Una

Model: Dennis Wheatley

Categorie de vârstă: Excelentă
Categorie de gen: 320
Anul apariţiei: 1978
Dennis Wheatley - The Devil Rides Out (Arrow Books, 1978, 320p.).

The Duke de Richleau and Rex van Ryn know instinctively that something bizarre has happened to Simon Aron. Why else would he fail his most trusted friends? The Duke has a suspicion where the answer lies. But nothing can prepare him or van Ryn for the terrible confirmation of his fears.

The Devil Rides Out is the most famous work of a master storyteller, a classic of weird fiction which has been described as 'the best thing of its kind since Dracula' a genuinely frightening tale of devil-worship and sorcery in modern Britain.

A group of old friends discover that one of them has been lured into a coven of Satanists. They determine to rescue him - and a beautiful girl employed as a medium. The head of the coven proves to be no charlatan but an Adept of the Dark Arts, able to infiltrate dreams and conjure up fearsome entities. De Richleau fights back with his own knowledge of occultism and ancient lore. A duel ensues between White and Black Magic, Good and Evil used as weapons.

Whenever, subsequentley, Dennis Wheatley was asked what he really believed about the supernatural, he would just reply 'Don't meddle!' Few readers will need that warning repeated.

(Acest produs a fost adăugat în catalogul nostru la data de 12 noiembrie, 2009.)
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